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Kiddle Search Engine

Possible topics and ideas...
a few
places to get started

Heroes & Villains: who is the person, what did she/he do & why, where/how did the person grow up (childhood), do you like the person - why, are you like the person - how, why is person famous/infamous?

Jobs/community: types of job, who can do it, special skills/tools/training, famous people who did it, why is job important to community, how has job changed over time?

Animals: wild animals: where do they live (habitats), when are they active (nocturnal), what do they need to survive, what do they eat and what eats them, how do they survive, adaptations, people and animals - food/work/clothing/service/repair/design/entertainment/assistance/scientific research

Justice: fairness - what is "fair", civil rights, climate change, work/school conditions, health, laws/rules, building a better community, what can each of us do... how?

People, places, customs: people in groups, where they live, how they live there, what is place like, what's the history/geography/climate, what are good and bad things about living there, how have people adapted to living there, what is special about, what is your opinion?

Science, Earth Science: forces of nature, space, earth cycles, landforms, weather, habitats, technology, engineering, machines, environment and pollution