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PS 59 - 100 Years and more

 NYC before Henry Hudson        NYC changed waterfront     NYC geology  

Organizing Information:    IFC graphic organizers (incl non-IFC & mods)

Other pdfs:    IFC graphic organizers (incl non-IFC & mods)

SEL, Leader in Me:   Read Online - Have You Filled a Bucket Today?    How Full is Your Bucket for Kids - video 

Computer Science Week Links   
Hour of Code Activities - All    (lev1_cert)     Hour of Code Stickers

      K-2 Code Activities 1       K-2 Code Activities 2 


Bookmaking - 

 Dreamers author - Yuyi Morales Presentation Slides

Grade 3 -   Family Picture Family Heritage

        Animals - PS 59 Favorite Links

Grade 4 - Google Doc for Biographies - make a copy to your Google Drive

    American Revolution, Grade 4           Biography Collection

          Civil Rights Links (Grade 5)

     US States and Native Americans - PebbleGo Next

       Arguing and Debating Websites   Pros and Cons  Debating

   Opposing Viewpoints in Context

       018TP, CC-2018-NY3RD-RASB--PT1 

       018TP, CC-2018-NY4RD-RASB--PT1

  ****  2019 Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking School Winner - Aneycha Jimenez - The CheesebuPiasdfasdrger ***

  Microsoft Sway Examples                                                            

         Three Little Jellyfish  (story made independently by a 6 year old)

         Make a Digital Story with Sway (needs o365 login) --

            open, copy/paste to your account, then you can edit your own

         Make a Sway Book Report  (needs o365 login)  - - 

            open, copy/paste to your account, then you can edit your own

           more MS Sway help      Sway tutorial         Red Panda Research Project