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This page has all the links and video tutorials you need to complete this project. All links open in a new window or new tab. Mr. Schmitz

MyPyramid Tracker - The website for this project

Written Directions and Data Worksheets - Mr. Hartberg's written directions, data worksheets, and questions (.pdf file)

Daily Food Diary - The food log for this project in .pdf format

24 Hour Activity Log - The exercise log for this project in .pdf format

8th Grade Health Blog - Mr. Hartberg's Class Blog

MyPyramid Video Tutorials:

Getting Started:

Your Account, Profile, and Navigation (2:39) - Create your account and profile, and learn how to navigate MyPyramid

Entering Food:

Entering Food Items (2:21) - Directions on how to enter food items including frequently used foods

Portion Size and Quantity (2:42) - Entering quantities and number of servings

Entering Physical Activity:

Entering Physical Activity (2:35) - How to find your activities in the database

Entering Activity Duration (1:37) - Entering in your minutes for each activity

Analyzing Your Data:

These videos show how you'll use each area to answer the questions on the data worksheets.

Nutrient Intakes (2:12) - Working with the chart to enter nutrients

Healthy Eating History (1:43) - Use this data to get your averages for Carbs, Proteins, and Fats

Meeting Dietary Guidelines (2:08) - Compare your daily food intake to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines

MyPyramid Recommendations (1:43) - Compare your daily food intake to the MyPyramid recommendations

Make a Bibliography with EasyBib

EasyBib - an online tool to make bibliographies

EasyBib Tutorials:

EasyBib Introduction (2:11) - Find the site, register your account, logging in, etc.

EasyBib Magazines and Journals (5:02) - Examples of how to create citations for Magazine and Journal articles

EasyBib Newspaper (3:44) - Example of how to create a citation for a newspaper article

EasyBib Website (3:32) - Example of how to create a citation for a website using Autocite

EasyBib Book (1:55) - Example of how to create a citation for a book

EasyBib Create Your Bibliography (1:28) - Create a Word document of your bibliography using EasyBib